Where the FS-256 is going

FS-256 Additive Synthesizer Development

The FS-256 is on track for development, with the enclosure and hardware closing in on its final iterations.  The FS-256 allows up to 256 additive oscillators of 32 sine wave partials each for voice exploration, song and performance modes.  Up to 8192 sine waves can be generated from the device, with each partial having user drawn envelopes for multiple variables, via a simple GUI interface.

I'm pleased to announce that we will be moving into our beta program within the next month.  After a several months of iterations with the beta team, the FS-256 will be close to production release.  

I'm also pleased to announce that real-time additive resynthesis be a target feature of the FS-256.  Line In signals will be analyzed in the frequency domain, and rebuilt in the time domain using sine waves with many modulation options along the way.

Product release is now targeted for Q3-Q4 of 2023.


FS-256 Additive Synthesizer additive synthesis synthesizer

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