Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the current state of development?

The FS-256 began its beta test program in Q2 of 2023, and is development is ongoing.

Q: When's the product release?

Product release is targeted for the Q1 or Q2 of 2024.

Q: What's the final price of the FS-256?

The final price is still to be determined and will become clear soon, but should be close to the currently listed price.

Q: Can I be part of the Beta program?

Thank you - our Beta program is full, please reach out for further inquiries.

Q: How many units will be available when first released?

The initial production run will be limited. Please send a message or sign up for the email if you're interested in this product, as it will help plan for future production runs.

 Q: Will there be a Kickstarter?

No, we don't believe in asking anyone for a financial commitment for an unfinished product. 

 Q: Why so much touchscreen?

Additive synthesis requires the control of a lot of variables. The graphical user interface on the FS-256 simplifies the input of these variables, and it is most effective using the dual display. It does increase the cost of the product, but its a tradeoff that was worth making. 

Q: Can I save patches?

Yes - after creating a new voice you can save it to the SD card. The SD card will also store factory shipped voices (patches). You can export your custom patches off the SD card and share with the community, and try patches that others have created.

Q: When will the User Manual be available?

The user manual is in development and will be available prior to product release. 



Any other questions? Please contact us for further inquiries.